Organizational Behavior
Real Research for Real Managers
Fifth Edition
Jone L. Pearce
420 pages, Paperback: $69.95 | eBook: $69.95
PB ISBN: 9 978-1-73604020-1 (2021)

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About the book: 

Organizational Behavior: Real Research for Real Managers draws on organizational behavior research to address the practical problems all managers face in gaining mastery of organizations. This book clearly, honestly, and accurately conveys what the field of organizational behavior can say to experienced managers, providing applications and advice based in what systematic research can tell us. 

What's new in the Fifth Edition:

This new Fifth Edition represents a significant expansion and updating of earlier versions. Additions include a new chapter on managing conflicts and negotiations, some of the most challenging tasks for managers. There is expanded material on avoiding pitfalls in the management of creativity, innovation, and organizational change, as well as a new section on the challenges of managing contractors and virtual workers. Finally, each of the chapters has been updated with the latest scholarly research, reflecting our best knowledge in organizational behavior. 

Instructor's Manual:

This valuable and comprehensive resource for adopters includes:

• Suggestions on how to use the book in undergraduate, MBA, and Executive MBA courses

• The author’s advice on adapting Organizational Behavior to the online classroom

• For each chapter: a chapter outline and additional readings, cases, and exercises

• A wealth of extra in-class exercises and handouts

• Replication of all text boxes for easy slide creation 

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Chinese Language Edition:
A new Chinese-language edition of ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR was published in 2021. Contact Beijing Huazhang Graphic Information Co. Ltd. for information.

Faculty Praise for the book:

“My students love Organizational Behavior: Real Research for Real Managers. They enjoy every chapter and come away believing that there is a lot of good research that they can use in their everyday work as managers, team members, and professionals. My highest recommendation.”    
—Denise M. Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University

“We have been using this book for our Organizational Behavior class for a couple of years now. The feedback from the students is consistently and overwhelmingly positive. The book is well-written, and eminently practical, yet solidly grounded in research. I have not found any other book that so successfully bridges the academic-practitioner divide, and translates research so effectively for the student. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”                  —Lucy R. Ford, Saint Joseph’s University 

Executive MBA Students Praise the Relevant Content:

Professor Pearce's book was extremely well written. It is a super reference for managers. I have used it in my job and will refer back to it in the future. When the new expanded version comes out, I will be the first to buy a copy.

Undergraduate Students Praise the Accessible Style:

I actually enjoy reading this textbook very much--it is interesting, applicable even to undergraduate students, and it is fairly easy to read. I like the application boxes because they sum up all the important facts from the section. I also like the fact that it gives a lot of examples.

I think the textbook is very useful and easy to understand. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading it. Breaking down into smaller sections was helpful and I really enjoyed reading the applications. Not only did I learn concepts, I learned how to apply them in my daily life.

Table of Contents:


1. Why Organizational Behavior

2. Why Managers

3. How to Hire and Fire

4. Making Sense of Feelings at Work

5. Managing Performance and Encouraging Innovation

6. Managing Incentives

7. Understanding the Social Environment

8. Creating and Managing Effective Teams

9. Managing Conflict and Negotiation

10. Understanding Cultures and Change

11. Mastering Power 

12. Leading Others 

13. Looking Forward: Managing Decisions, References, and Retention 


What the Research Says: True or False?

Index - About the Author

About the Author:

Jone L. Pearce is Distinguished Professor Emerita of Organization and Management in The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine. She has published more than 100 scholarly articles in her field of organizational behavior, has edited several volumes, and has authored four previous books. She is a Fellow and past president of the Academy of Management, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Association for Psychological Science, and International Association of Applied Psychology, and has received numerous teaching excellence awards and international awards.

For those who teach Organizational Behavior and Management in the public or nonprofit area, you might also be interested in:

Organizational Behavior
Real Research for Public and Nonprofit Managers
Jone L. Pearce and Jessica E. Sowa
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Purchase the paperback and eBook from Amazon.
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This is a different kind of textbook. Organizational Behavior: Real Research for Public and Nonprofit Managers addresses the practical problems managers face in doing their day-to-day organizational work in a variety of public and nonprofit organizations. It looks to systematic research on organizations, seeking to discover which actions and practices actually do and do not work. Unlike other textbooks, 

Organizational Behavior actually translates this scholarly research for those managers seeking to understand and successfully manage their public or nonprofit organization and provides useful guidance, cases, and tools for making sense of working in the public service. See reverse side for full table of contents.

Praise for the book:

“This is an exciting text for faculty who teach organizational behavior to public and nonprofit managers. The authors have designed a book that is comprehensive, pedagogically advanced, practical and research-based.  It will be my choice next time I teach this course.”        —James L. Perry, Indiana University, Bloomington

“Managing public service organizations is hard work. Beset by multiple missions, changing political priorities, the gravitational pull of discrete performance measures, and, oh yes, complications due to human behavior and group dynamics, MPA students must learn how to harness organizational behavior and make it work for mission-accomplishment, not against it. This book is designed to do exactly that. It marries two subjects – management and organizational behavior—to provide a great textbook for students learning how to lead public service organizations.”                                                              —Mary E. Guy, University of Colorado Denver

Table of Contents:

List of Applications | List of Cases | Preface

1.  Why Organizational Behavior

2.  Why Managers

3.  How to Hire

4.  Making Sense of Feelings in Public Service Work

5.  Managing Performance

6.  Encouraging and Rewarding Performance

7. Understanding the Social Environment in Public Service Organizations

8. Creating and Managing Effective Teams

9. Understanding Cultures in the Public Service

10. Using Power Effectively in Public Service Organizations

11. Leading Others in the Public Service

12.  Final Dilemmas: How To Fire, Retain, and Give Honest References

Endnotes | What the Research Says: True or False? | About the Authors