M & L Is Green

At Melvin & Leigh we work to minimize our impact on the environment. We believe our policies and practices make us environmental leaders in the publishing industry. Compare for yourself:

    • We reuse all packing materials

    • We use the backs of discard paper for all internal communications (when paper must be used)

    • We use 100% recycled paper for all outside communications (when paper must be used)

    • Whenever possible those working at Melvin & Leigh telecommute

    • Our books are all printed on paper with as much recycled content as can support ease of reading

  • Our books are printed in Minnesota, a place with strict -- and enforced -- environmental laws

  • All books are available in electronic as well as print editions

  • Many book chapters are available for individual sale on e-readers from Amazon.com

    • Our chapters are available to all course-packet firms for their web-based readers.

Effective July, 2017, our offices use 100% renewable electricity, using a renewable energy certificate from acadiapower.com.


Melvin & Leigh, Publishers