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Organizational Behavior Real Research for Real Managers 2021 (Fifth Edition)
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Organizational Behavior (17th Edition)
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Advertising Campaign Planning (Sixth Edition)
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Advertising Campaign Strategy (Fifth Edition)
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Praise from Executive MBAs in an Organizational Behavior for Managers Course

"Professor Pearce's book was extremely well written. It is a super reference for managers. I have used it in my job and will refer back to it in the future. When the new expanded version comes out, I will be the first to buy a copy."

Praise from Undergraduates in Introductory Organizational Behavior Course

"I like it because it is very straightforward, and gets right to the meat of things without long-winded introductions. It gets straight to the point quickly, and lists things in a logical and coherent style."

"I actually enjoy reading this textbook very much--it is interesting, applicable even to undergraduate students, and it is fairly easy to read. I like the application boxes because they sum up all the important facts from the section. I also like the fact that it gives a lot of examples."

"I think the textbook is very useful and easy to understand. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading it. Breaking down into smaller sections was helpful and I really enjoyed reading the applications. Not only did I learn concepts, I learned how to apply them in my daily life."

Praise for Advertising Campaign Planning

Advertising Campaign Planning provided me with a clear roadmap and real-world applications that have helped guide me through a variety of experiences as a student and in the real world as an account planner.”

”Jim Avery’s Advertising Campaign Planning is the only textbook I continued to reference after I’d graduated from college and started working for an agency.” 

Student Praise for Essential History for Public Administration

Students recently assigned the book at Rutgers University had these very positive reactions:

"The Essential History in particular was a very succinct, and interesting read. I enjoyed learning different aspects ( political, historical and economic) of the eras discussed, and the relevant articles that tied the course material to real world implications."

"One component of the course I appreciated was the "Essential History" book. I expected the course to provide a brief overview of how public administration came about but I was pleasantly surprised with the detailed historic background we received on this concept. Not being born in this country, the "Essential History" reading provided me with valuable information that honestly clarified a lot of misconceptions from my perspective and for that I am very appreciative."